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Uthman's Burrial (In Response to Imam Khomeini's Burrial)

Everywhere Nasibies are making propaganda by saying "Khomeini Dragged through Streets" (naudobillah) and laughing at this Accident. By Allah, these Nasibies are worst creatures while nobody could laugh at such accidents (just look how hundreds of Pilgrims died several times during Hajj due to such accidents).

In response to these Nasibies, today we want to show One Reality of History, which has been hidden due to the mass propaganda of Nasibies. And this reality is about the Burrial of 'Uthman Ibn 'Affan (the 3rd Caliph), who was killed and dragged through streets of Madina and stoned by Ansar (انصار Helpers, consisted of Sahaba and Taba'een) till Jewish Garden of Hashsh-Kawkab. And the killers were no one other than those same Sahaba and Tabaeen.

Sahaba/Tabaeen of Madina stoning and dragging the Dead Body of Uthman and burying him in Jewish graveyard

We are presenting all of the following Traditions from "History of Tabari" (Enlish Edition, Volume 15, Incidents of Year 35 Hijri), translated by Stephen Humphreys (University of Winsconsin, Madison), published by State University of New York Press. 

Image: Cover Page of Book (alternative link)
Image: Page 246 (alternative link)
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These same traditions have also been mentioned by Ibn Kathir in his Al-badaya wa Al-Nahaya. 

First Tradition

(Page 246)

It was related to me by ]a'far b. 'Abdallah al-Muharnmadi—'Amr
b. Hammad and 'Ali b. Husayn-Husayn b. ‘lsa—his father-—Abu
Maymunah—Abu Bashir al-'Abidi:
'Uthman’s corpse} was thrown aside and left unburied for three days.
Then Hakim bin Hizam al-Qurashi, who was a member of the clan of
Asad b. ‘Abd al-'Uzza, and Jubayr b. Mut'im b. 'Adi b. Nawfal b. ‘Abd Manaf
spoke to 'Ali about his burial, seeking his permission for
['Uthman’s) family to see to that. 'Ali granted them his permis-
sion but when news of this spread people lay in wait for
['Uthman’s body] by the road, armed with stones.
A few members
of his family set out with |his body], intending to take him to an
enclosure in Medina named Hashsh Kawkab, where the Jews used
to bury their dead.
Now when ['Uthman's body] was brought out
before the people, they stoned his bier and were bent on throwing
him to the ground.
When 'Ali hear that, he sent and demanded
that they leave him alone. They did so, and ['Uthman’s body] was
hurried along and interred in Hashsh Kawkab.
When Mu‘awiyah
b. Abi Sufyan gained supremacy over the Muslims (al-nas], he
ordered that enclosure to be razed and transferred [‘Uthman’s
body to al-Baqi'. Then he commanded the people to bury their
dead around his grave, until ultimately (those graves] adjoined the
cemetery of the Muslims.

Questions to Nasibies:

  •  Ali, Talha, Zubair, Saad bin Abi Waqqas, Imam Hassan, Imam Hussain,........ and a lot of other Sahaba hundreds of other Tabaeen were present in Madiana and it's surroundings.
    Tell us, what were they doing FOR THE COMPLETE 3 DAYS (i.e. Uthman's funeral was not burried for complete 3 days)?
  • People stoned the body of Hadhrat Uthman, broke his ribs, didn't let him washed (for burrial), didn't offered his funeral prayer (except for 5-6 of his relatives/slaves),..... could Nasibies tell us what those thousands of Sahaba and Taba'een of Madina did in order to protect Uthman?

Second Tradition:

Page 247
It was related to me by Ja'far—'Amr and ‘Ali—Husayn—his
father—al-Mujalid b. Sa'id —Yasaar b. Abi Karib—his
father Abu Karib, who had been an official in charge of ‘Uthman's

'Uthman was buried at twilight. Only Marwan b. al-
Hakam, three of his free men, an his fifth daughter
were present at his funeral. His daughter wailed in mourning and
raised Her voice in lament for him.
The people took stones and
hooted "Long-bearded old idiot [i.e. Nathal]!
She was nearly stoned. Then
they said, "(Go to] the compotmd, the compound." And thus he
was interred in a compound outside [Medina].


  • It was 'Aisha bit Abi Bakr (the Mother of Believers) who started saying "Nathal" (old fool) to 'Uthman bin 'Affan. And these People, who are stoning/dragging Uthman's dead body, they are only following 'Aisha bint Abi Bakr. Therefore, 'Uthman was killed in fire which was ignited by 'Aisha bint Abi Bakr. 

Third Tradition:

Page 248
According to Muhammad (al-Waqidi}—‘Abdallah b. Yazid al-
Hudhali—'Abdallah b. Sa‘idah:

For two nights after he was killed,
'Uthman remained [where he had fallen] and they were unable to
bury him.
Then four men bore [his body] away-——Hakim b. Hizam,
Jubayr b. Mut‘im, Niyar b. Mukram, and Abu Jahm b. Hudhayfah.
When he was laid down so that the funeral prayer could be per-
formed for him, a band of the Helpers (Ansaar of Madina i.e. Sahaba and Tabaeen) came and
 forbade them to perform the prayer.
These included
Aslam b. Aws b. Bajrah al-Saa'idi and Abu Hayyah al-Mazini among several
others. They forbade (‘Uthman's supporters) to bury him at al-Baqi‘....
So they buried him in Hashsh Kawkab. When the
Banu Umayyah reigned, they had that garden included in al-
Baqi', and it is today the cemetery of the Banu Umayyah.


  • Just see it were HELPERS (i.e. Residents of Madina), who consisted of Sahaba as well as Taba'een who forbade them to offer Funeral Prayer at that place.
  • And then these were the same Ansaar Sahaba and Taba'een who forbade that 'Uthman is burried in Muslim Graveyard.
  • And due to them 'Uthman was not even burried in Muslim Graveyard but in Jewish Graveyard.

Question for Nasibies is to tell us where were their Super Man like Hero Sahabas and Tabaeen from Madina and all the surroundings while 'Uthman's dead body left unburried for complete 3 days?

Fourth Tradition

Page 248
According to Muhammad (al-Waqidi)—‘Abdallah b. Musa al-

When 'Uthman was killed, (his assassins) tried to cut
off his head, but Na'ilah and Umm al-Banin fell upon him and
stopped them. The two women screamed and beat [their] faces
and rent their clothing
. In the face of this, Ibn 'Udays said, "Leave
him." And thus 'Uthman, his corpse still unwashed, was taken
out and brougt to al-Baqi'.
[The mourners] wanted to perform the
funeral prayer for him in the place set aside for funerals
, but the
Helpers (Ansaar i.e. Sahaba and Tabaeen) refused (to allow that).
'Umayr bin Dhabi' appeared while
'Uthman was stretched out upon a door. 'Umayr jumped 0n him
and broke one of his ribs,
saying, “You left Dhabi’ in prison until
he died there."

Fifth Tradition

Page 249
It was related to me by al-Harith—Ibn Sa°d—Abu Bakr b.
‘Abdallah b. Abi Uways—his grandfather’s paternal uncle, al-
Rabi‘ b. Malik b. Abi 'Amir—(Al-Rabi's) father:

I was one 0f 'Uthmarfs pallbearers when he was killed. We carried him upon a
door, and his head was bumping up and down on the door because
we were walking so fast.
We wer possessed with fear until we
interred him in his grave in Hashsh Kawkab.

Ya Nasibies, you laugh at the unintentional accident of falling of Coffin or Imam Khomeini. Such unintentional accidents could happen to every one and every where (like hundreds of Pilgrims died several times during Hajj due to such accidents). No human being could ever laugh at such accidents except for one who are followers of Shaitan like Nasibies. 

But Nasibies never stopped laughing till they were showed the ending of 'Uthman's funeral and burrial, which was not an "Unintentional" accident but he was intentionally killed in Madiana, didn't get the funeral wash, no one offered his funeral prayer except for 5-7 people, was not allowed to be burried in Muslim Graveyard ... and all that was done in presence of thousands of Sahaba/Tabaeen of Madina who didn't appear for complete 3 days where 'Uthman's body was left unburried.

Few more Traditions:

Uthman’s body was unattended for three days. Companions’ not burying him proves that they did not deem him to be a martyr

We are citing from the following esteemed Sunni works:
1. Majma al-Zawaed, by Haythami, Volume 9, page 95
2. Al-Muj'am al-Kabir by Tabarani, Volume 1, page 79
3. Al-Istiab, by Ibn Abdulbar, Volume 3, page 1048

We read in Majma al-Zawaid:
وعن ملك يعني ابن انس قال قتل عثمان فأقام مطروحا على كناسة بني فلان ثلاثا

Malik bin Anas said: When Uthman was killed, his body was thrown in garbage for three days.

Imam Abi Bakar Al-Haythami said:‘The narrators are reliable’.

Moreover we read in Al-Istiab:
عن مالك قال لما قتل عثمان رضي الله عنه ألقى على المزبلة ثلاثة أيام

Malik said: ‘When Uthman [ra] was killed, they threw him in the garbage for three days’


Complete tradition is this:

231360 - قتل عثمان فأقام مطروحا على كناسة بني فلان ثلاثا وأتاه اثنا عشر رجلا منهم جدي مالك بن أبي عامر وحويطب بن عبد العزى وحكيم بن حزام وعبد الله بن الزبير وعائشة بنت عثمان معهم مصباح في حق فحملوه على باب وإن رأسه تقول على الباب طق طق حتى أتوا به البقيع فاختلفوا في الصلاة عليه فصلى عليه حكيم بن حزام أو حويطب بن عبد العزى شك عبد الرحمن ثم أرادوا دفنه فقام رجل من بني مازن فقال لئن دفنتموه مع المسلمين لأخبرن الناس غدا فحملوه حتى أتوا به حش كوكب فلما دلوه في قبره صاحت عائشة بنت عثمان فقال لها ابن الزبير اسكتي فوالله لئن عدت لأضربن الذي فيه عينك فلما دفنوه وسووا عليه التراب قال لها ابن الزبير صيحي ما بدا لك أن تصيحي قال مالك وكان عثمان قبل ذلك يمر بحش كوكب فيقول ليدفنن ها هنا رجل صالح 
الراوي: مالك بن أنس المحدث: الهيثمي - المصدر: مجمع الزوائد - الصفحة أو الرقم: 9/98
خلاصة الدرجة: رجاله ثقات‏‏


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