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TAFSEER OF BISMILLAH – allama talib johri


There are plenty of riwayat which have mentioned that ALI is  DOT(NOQTA) of BA’I  BISMILLAH and these riwayat also mention that had ALI wished, he could have explained  surat al fatiha or bismillah or ba’e bismillah so much that pages would have to be lifted by 70 camels.


                Allama syed rahat Hussein gopalpori in his tafseer writes about the DOT OF BA’I BISMILLAH in this way:-


               “ Dot is the centre where the main foot of compass is place and the foot draws the circle so anything which is moving around the circle is actually moving around the central dot”


so these ahadeeth mean that ALI is the centre of all the knowledge of  quran and all the knowledge moves around ali.


Some people have explained this in style of European scholars in this way that

 ARABIC ALPHABETS are derived from FENECI LANGUAGE which in turns gets its alphabets from EGYPTIAN ALPHABETS but the FENECI’S made the difference that whenever they would write anything, they would make one of its shape its letter , for example cow or bull was called ALIF so they made its horn as ALIF then camel was called GEEM so they gave the shape of GEEM the way it is now……


And then we have another example-



Home was called BAIT and they made the BAA its shape by drawing a line below like and showed its walls by two straight lines …so in this way the BAA got its shape


And the dot was place below which would mean its owner…..


So as per these people the ahadeeth actually mean that quran is like a home of knowledge and since ALI is the dot so he is the owner of this home………that is------whatever is in quran belongs to ALI….and he knows every thing




In order to understand this dot we have to see the whole universe in its totality

that is

whatsoever is there in universe is composed of two things


1-   allah

2-   other than allah


in terms of ILM-UL-KALAM this is defined as WAJIB-UL-WAJOOD and MOMKIN-UL-WAJOOD


WAJIB UL WAJOOD means that personality which was ,is ,and will be forever

 That is

In terms of ilm ul kalam that there is no place for A’DM


MOMKIN UL WAJOOD means the contrary, that is A’DM and WAJOOD ,both are equal…..and such a thing is always in need of being created


Apart from wajib-ul-wajood, everything is momkin-ul-wajood and it is wajib-ul-wajood who has created them so there is a relation between the two

that is





So we come to the conclusion that there are now three things






if you ponder, whole of quran is about these three things


that is


the first of topic of quran is CREATOR ,,,,, and we find his qualities and their expression


the second topic of quran is CREATED ,,,, their purpose of creation , and their levels in universe


the third topic is the relation between the two, and in this we find the relation between allah and his creation, and it includes needs of human as well as ibadaat….




If we see surat al fatiha we find these three topics that is the first four verses are about ALLAH

And the last two are about humans and their needs

And the centre of it

that is

Iyyaka na’abado wa iyyaka nasta’een


Tells the relation between two



Now let us see if bismillah also explains this:-


1-ISM and ALLAH refer to the creator

2-rahman and raheem refer to the needs of human because the survival of humans is dependent on rahman and the punishments and rewards are dependent on raheem

3-BAA in Arabic is also used to make communication that is BAA is making the communication between CREATOR and CREATED




When it is clear that BAA is the link between the two , how will we differentiate between BAA , TAA, AND THAA

This differentiation is dependent on the DOT

Which helps in segregating it from its sister words,so if there is now dot we cannot identify the BAA

And no identification of BAA means no link between allah and us

And that dot is ali



It is not specific to ali

whosoever will be the caliph of allah ,





(source:-translated from TAFSEER AHSAN-UL-HADEETH, allama talib johri, urdu, vol 1, page number 73)


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