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Lies that there are NO Sunni Mosques in Iran/Tehran

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Download this file (No_Sunni_Mosques_Iran.pdf)Lies that there are NO Sunni Mosques in IranRead in beautiful PDF format. Please also e-mail this file to all your friends, so that the message of Ahlebait (as) could be spread. Jazak Allah. 108 kB

Unfortunately, today the Nasibi Mullas are telling a lot of lies against Iran and Shias, in order to destroy the Muslim Unity. They are even worse than Jews in their lies and  propaganda. For example, watch the following video of Nasibi Mullah.

His is accusing that:

  1. There is NO Ahle-Sunnah Mosque in Iran/Tehran.
  2. This Mulla is telling a lie that there are even seats for Jews & Christians in Iranian Parliament but no seats for Ahle-Sunnah.
  3. Iranian Baluchs are not having good jobs in Iran

Let us begin with Allah's name and show the reality of Iran and expose the lies of these Nasibi Kadhaab Mullahs. Insha-Allah.

Mosques are neither Shias nor Sunnies, but they are only House of Allah

There is great stress upon Shia/Sunni Unity in Iran and Imam Khomeini was biggest supporter for this unity.
1. The Constitution of Iran and Imam Khomeini was very clear that labeling Mosques as Shia or Sunni is division of Muslim Unity. It is a curse to say this is Shia Mosque or this is Sunni Mosque. Nay, all Mosques are only and only for Allah.
2. Iranian Law says:

If there is an Area where majority is of SHIAs, then Sunni are asked to pray behind Shia Imam.
While Areas, where there is Sunni Majority, there Shias are also asked to go in that same Sunni Mosque and pray behind the Sunni Imam and they are not allowed to open up their any Separate Mosque.

There may be few deviations to this RULE, but in 80-90% this rules is practiced in it's sprit and indeed Shias are compelled to pray behind Sunni Imams.
Even Ayatullah Khaminei and all Shia Mujtahids themselves prayed several times behind Sunni Imams and that without any problem.


Please note, you could not compare the Situation of Iran to Saudia. The Saudies are hypocrites. There is neither any Shia Mosque in Mecca and Madina and many other cities of Saudia, but also no Salafies in Shia Areas are not asked to pray behind Shia Imams, but they deal Saudi Shias as dirty creatures. Still these dirty Nasibi Mullas raise not a single voice upon this worst behaviour of Saudi regime against Shias.

Situation of Mosques in Pakistan

On every Road of Pakistan, you will find at least 3-4 Mosques.
1st Mosque belongs to Ahlehadith. Ten meters away there is another mosque and it belongs to Deobandies. Another 25 meters away there is another mosque of Barailwi Muslims. And another 10 meters away there is a Shia mosque.
Is it really good to have 3-4 different Mosques (the Hauses of Allah) at every road? Does it really leads towards Muslim unity?
And worst scence is present in Europe, where in Hamburg (Germany) there are 3 Different Mosques in one same Building. The Christians laugh at it.

IRAN: There are 10000 Ahle Sunnah Mosques in Iran where Sunni Imams lead the Prayer

The Fasiq Fitna mongers keep on coming with every type of false accusations in order to incite hatred among the Muslim Ummah. While Allah (swt) says to esquire if any Fasiq brings you a news. The reality is:

  1. There are totally 70000 Mosques in Iran.
  2. While 10000 of them are from Ahle-Sunnah Brothers and Sunni Imams lead their the prayers.
  3. This means, for every 500 Sunnies there is one Mosque in Iran, while for 1100 Shias there is only one mosque.

Iranian Law states, there is no Shia Mosque or Sunni Mosque, but all Mosques are Houses of Allah. The areas where Sunnies are in majority, there Shias are not allowed to make their separate mosques, but to go and pray behind the Sunni Imam and vice versa. It may be in some areas there is corruption and deviation from this Rule, but where in world things are 100% corruption free? In general Shias have absolutely no Problems in praying behind Sunni Imams in Iran and Vice Versa.
Here is the Complete Article (LINK):

مسلمانان ایران 7 درصد اهل سنت را کسر کنیم ،کل جمعیت شیعه بالغ ب
چهارشنبه ۲۱ اسفند ۱۳۸۷ ساعت ۱۲:۲۳

شیعیان ایران کمترین عبادتگاه را برای زیارت و برگزاری نمازو فرائض دینی در مقایسه با اهل سنت و اقلیت های مذهبی دارند.

به گزارش سرویس اجتماعی جهان نیوز ، نزدیک به 70 هزار مسجد در کشور وجود دارد که از این میزان 60هزار مسجد متعلق به شیعیان و 10 هزار مسجد نیز برای اهل سنت است.

این در حالی است که بنا بر گزارش های رسمی در مورد جمعیت کشور از 72 میلیون نفر ایرانی بیش از 99 درصد مسلمان و 7 درصد آنها نیز از اهل سنت هستند. بر این اساس نزدیک به 5 میلیون سنی در کشور وجود دارد که دارای 10 هزار مسجد هستند و به این ترتیب بطور متوسط برای هر 500 سنی یک مسجد ساخته شده است.

در همین حال اگر از جمعیت مسلمانان ایران 7 درصد اهل سنت را کسر کنیم ،کل جمعیت شیعه بالغ بر 66 میلیون نفر خواهد بود که بطور متوسط برای هر1100 شیعه یک مسجد وجود خواهد داشت.

این در حالی است که مطابق آمار غیر رسمی نزدیک به 40 درصد مساجد شیعیان بدون روحانی و امام جماعت است و بیش از نیمی از این مساجد به بازسازی اساسی نیاز دارد .

از طرفی جمعیت ارامنه کشور قریب به 150 هزار نفر است که دارای 300 کلیسا هستند که به این ترتیب برای هر 500 ارمنی یک کلیسا وجود دارد .

به نظر می رسد مسئولین فرهنگی کشور بایستی اهتمام جدی تری نسبت به ساخت مسجد و نگهداری آن در مناطق شیعه نشین کشور بالاخص مناطق محروم داشته باشند چراکه بی توجهی نسبت به آن می تواند آثار زیانباری داشته باشد.

Hopefully after that these hate inciting lies of Fasiq people come to an end. Insha-Allah.
Even in the mosque here (in Europe) where I go along with my family, is an Iranian One and half of the people are AhleSunnah who are praying with us (even among women). Contrary to Pakistan, here whole families including women come to the mosque and pray behind the men. Our Iranian Imam often fly to Iran or to other cities of Europe and 2nd Imam is a Sunni Brother who even leads us often in Jummah prayers. We have excellent relations with Sunni Families here and have absolutely no problem which I see all over the net.


Witness: Iranian Shias have excellent Relationship with Iranian Sunni brothers and think favrourablly about them

On Issue of Shia/Sunni in Iran, the survey of PCO (Center for Public Opinion(America)) says [LINK]:

Iranian Shiite Muslims Think Favorably of Sunni Muslims, Christians, Americans and others .
... For Iranian citizens of the Islamic Republic, 87 percent of who in our survey identified themselves as Shiite, views of both Sunni Muslims and Christians were overwhelmingly favorable—with only 8 percent voicing an unfavorable view of Sunnis and 11 percent of Christians. (Opinions on Jews were divided, though more are favorable than unfavorable.)
Indeed, Iranian views of Sunnis and Christians, as well as non-Iranians generally, are quite accepting—more so than the corresponding views of their neighbors, such as in Saudi Arabia, according to our TFT survey there.
Iranians clearly distinguish between countries and policies they do not like (US and Israel), and people they do like (Christians, Americans, Arabs, Sunni Muslims and Jews). Iranians are favorable to Christians by a 6:1 margin, Sunni Muslims by a 9:1 margin, Americans by a 2:1 margin and Jews by a 5:4 margin. In fact, Iranians are as favorable to Americans as they are to their Arab neighbors. The high favorability of Sunni Muslims among Iranians (higher than for Arabs generally) demonstrates that Shiite/Sunni issues are not the primary force driving a wedge between Iranians and their Arab neighbors.

So, Iranian Shias absolutely don't hate their Sunni brothers, and the only creatures who are filled with hatred and lies are these Nasibi Mullas.

Iranian Constitution about Islam and Different Fiqhs

Article 11 [Unity of Islam Principle]

In accordance with the sacred verse of the Koran "This your community is a single community, and I am your Lord, so worship Me" [21:92], all Muslims form a single nation, and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran have the duty of formulating its general policies with a view to cultivating the friendship and unity of all Muslim peoples, and it must constantly strive to bring about the political, economic, and cultural unity of the Islamic world.

Article 12 [Official Religion]

The official religion of Iran is Islam and the (official Fiqh is) Twelver Ja'fari school, and this principle will remain eternally immutable. Other Islamic schools are to be accorded full respect, and their followers are free to act in accordance with their own jurisprudence in performing their religious rites. These schools enjoy official status in matters pertaining to religious education, affairs of personal status (marriage, divorce, inheritance, and wills) and related litigation in courts of law. In regions of the country where Muslims following any one of these schools constitute the majority, local regulations, within the bounds of the jurisdiction of local councils, are to be in accordance with the respective school, without infringing upon the rights of the followers of other schools.

The Article 11 is about ISLAM.

The 4 Fiqhs of Ahle-Sunnah (known as Madahib-e-Arb'a مذاہب اربعہ) are also officially recognized in Iran along with Shia Fiqh.

This Article 12 is about the Official Religious Laws of state, based upon Fiqh-e-Jaffaria, but only in those Areas where Shias are in Majority.
But Areas, where Ahle Sunnah are in Majority, then the Official Religious Laws of that area will be based upon the Juriprudence of Ahle Sunnah school of thought and Shia Minority has to follow those Ahle Sunnah Laws. This is the case in Seestan Baluchistan where majority is of Ahle Sunnah Community and Shia Minorties should follow their laws in those Areas.
Also there are Videos of Ahle Sunnah Mosques in Iran where they are praying and Shia minorities also praying behind them.
There is a big Ahle Sunnah Dar-ul-Uloom in Seestan run by Ahle Sunnah Authorities, known as "Jamia Dar-ul-Uloom wa al-Jam'e al-Maki" in the city of Zahidan (Iran). Here is the Link to their Official Website.
Mufti Taqi Uthmani (the head of Deobandies in Pakistan) visited Iran and gave lecture there. Here is the Video.

This again shows there is absolutely no problem in Iran among Shia and Sunnies as falsly propagated by Nasibi Mullahs.
In Iran (cities), the Ahle Sunnah people are one of the finest people I have met. They are very friendly and I myself know some of them personally due to Mosque and we have excellent relations and our families are visiting each other (now my family has moved to another city and we don't have much of contact, but still I can assure you there are absolutely no problems and we do love and respect each other).

Egypt’s Al-Azhar Ahle-Sunnah University to open new college in Iran

All 4 Ahle Sunnah Fiqhs are recognised in Iran. The Iranian Government has introduced all these 4 Ahle Sunnah Fiqh (along with Jaffari Fiqh) in the Universities. It is possible to do your PHD in any Sunni Fiqh in Iranian Universities.
Moreover, Iranian Government has also invited the Egyptian Al-Azahr University to open a branch of their University in Tehran City (Those who do false hatred propaganda there is no Sunni Mosque in Tehran, they must read this news carefully and do TAWBA for propagating their hatred filled lies)
(Link: Tehran Times)

TEHRAN (FNA)- Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, one of Muslim’s most prestigious institution, is considering opening a branch in Iran.

“Sheikh Mohammed Sayyid Tantawi, who heads Al-Azhar University has positively welcomed the request from the Iranian authorities to open a branch of his institute in Tehran and is said to be evaluating the proposal,” said a source within the management of the university to the London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper.

Tantawi received a request from authorities in Tehran to open an institute linked to Al-Azhar to teach Sunni doctrine in the Iranian capital.

“An Iranian delegation led by head of Iran’s interest section in Cairo Seyed Hossein Rajabi visited the Sheikh (Tantawi) at Al-Azhar three days ago,” said the source.

“Together they agreed on the necessity to bring the experience of the teachings at Al-Azhar to Iran, to promote cultural cooperation and exchange of professors from religious universities between Cairo and Tehran.”

The source said that Tantawi has agreed to consider opening a branch of the university in Tehran.

Nasibi Mullah's lie that there are NO Sunni Members in the Iranian Parliament

In the very first Video, the Nasibi Mullah told a lie that there are seats of Jews and Christians in the Parliament, but no seats for Ahle Sunnah in the Parliament.
These Mullahs are lying and doing false propaganda.
Here is the Link to the BBC website news (Note: BBC is very hostile to Islamic Iran). But this BBC is confirming there are 18 Sunni MPs in the Iranian Parliament. 
What do you say about this lie of these Mullahs?
Jews and Christians got these seats while they are minorities, while Sunni brothers are not considered as Minority but as our Muslim brothers in Iran. There may be small problems, but where on earth every thing is 100% ideal?

Accusation that Iranian Baluchs (mostly Sunnies) don't have good jobs

There is indeed a problem that Iranian Baluchs (who are mostly Ahle-Sunnah) are not having good jobs in Iran. But it has not so much to do with their being Sunnies, but it is due to the reason while competition in Iran is very very high and it is difficult for Iranian Baluchs to compete with others for the jobs. The Baluch Culture is still old one and although educational facilities are there, but many Baluch Students are not going to universities. And those who are in universities, a big number of them are not completing their education. (Note: These Educational Facilities in Iran's Baluchistan are much better than ones in Pakistan's Baluchistan)
Although things are changing now. But it will still take time.


Quran asks us if any Fasiq brings a news to us, then we have to verify it. This will make it sure that these Nasibies don't succeed in their evil plot of dividing the Unity of Muslim Ummah. Insha-Allah.


Saudia VS Iran

In Saudia: 

  1. There is no Shia mosque in Mecca & Madina and many other cities of Saudia. 
  2. And there are a lot of Salafi mosques in Shia Majority areas of Saudia
  3. And Saudi Government never compel their Salafi citizens to pray behind Shia Imam. 

But still Nasibies have no Objections upon Saudia, but all their cries and weeping is reserved against Shias and Iran. 


Jummah Prayer of Sunni Muslims in Iran


شيخ القرآن حضرت مولانا محمد حسين گرگيج(ح)امام جمعه محترم آزادشهر ومدير حوزه علميه اهل سنت 


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#1 Tears of Karbala 2012-07-31 12:09
Iran arrests six over Sunni cleric assassination

Phto:Slain Iranian Sunni cleric Molavi Jangi Zehi

Sun May 20, 2012 1:9PM GMT
An Iranian judicial official says intelligence forces have identified and arrested six people on charges of involvement in the assassination of a Sunni cleric in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluches tan.

Zahedan Prosecutor General Mohammad Marzieh said Sunday that the detainees have confessed to the murder of Molavi Jangi Zehi earlier this year.

Wahhabi circles in Saudi Arabia had reportedly paid around $500,000 for the assassination of the Iranian Sunni cleric.

Two of the individuals recently arrested over the assassination of Molavi Jangi Zehi have confessed that they received the sum from Saudi Wahhabis, the report said on Friday.

Jangi Zehi, the Friday prayers leader of Iran's southeastern town of Rask, was assassinated by terrorists after saying prayers in the evening, as he was on his way home on January 20, 2012.

Over the past year, the late Iranian cleric had publicly expressed his belief that revealing the crimes of the Riyadh and Manama regimes is the religious duty of the Sunni scholars in Iran.

Jangi Zehi had also repeatedly warned of the enemy plots aimed at downplaying the turnout in Iran's Ninth Majlis (parliament) elections in March and May, and underscored the importance of participation of the Sunnis in the polls as a “religious obligation.”

Jangi Zehi was an advocate of Shia-Sunni unity and believed that such unity in Sistan-Baluches tan Province could only be maintained by following the instructions of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

Observers say that, given Jangi Zehi’s endeavors to encourage the Sunni population to participate in the polls, an objective of his assassination was to discourage the Sunni Muslims in the province from partaking in the voting.

On April 11, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced that it identified and apprehended 15 terrorists or terror cells behind the assassination of Jangi Zehi.

The intelligence obtained by the ministry indicated that the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) was involved in planning the attack while deviant elements affiliated with Wahhabi groups carried out the assassination.

It added that certain regional countries, which are backed by the US, UK and Israel, funded the terrorist attack.

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