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A Short Guide towards Shia Islam for Truth Seeking Beginners

May Allah bless all the People who work hard to search the Truth. May Allah accept our pure intentions & show all of us the right Path. Amin.

Imamat (General)
Can a concept become part of Aqaed/Beliefs if it mentioned in Ahadeeth/Narr...

Famous Salafi Scholars, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baaz was asked a Question regarding a Man, who negates concepts like AntiChrist/Dajjal, al-Mahdi (asws), Arrival of Jesus etc; and considers These Narrations to be lies upon Holy Prophet (asws). And he is a person who offers prayers, fasts a [ ... ]

Did Ahmad bin Hanbal temper the Narration in His book?

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal is one of the Great Scholars of Ahlu Sunnah. He mentions in His Musnad Ahmad, 5/207 21848 – حدثنا عبد الله حدثني أبي ثنا أبو معاوية ثنا الأعمش عن شقيق عن أسامة بن زيد قال قالوا له : ألا تدخل على  [ ... ]

Sunni Ulama/Sunni Books
Imam Ali considered Himself Most Deserving in regards to Leadership of This...

Mohammad Rasheed Rida writes in Mujalat-ul-Manar, 14/770 فالذي يظهر لنا أن عليًّا كرم الله وجهه كان يرى أنه أحق الناس بإمامة هذه الأمة بعد نبيها صلى الله عليه وسلم، ولكنه لم يبغ على من سبقه إل [ ... ]

Imam Ali (as)
Are Scholars of This Nation like Prophets of Bani Israeel?

This is Translation of Word from Brother Velayat. His post is in Turkish language, and can be found HERE Hur Amili writes in His book, al-Fawaed al-Tusia, p. 367 لا‌ يحضرني‌ ‌إن‌ أحدا ‌من‌ محدثينا رواه‌ ‌في‌ ‌شيء‌ ‌من‌ الكتب‌ ال [ ... ]

General: Hadith
Who insults A’mmar, Allah will insult Him & Who keeps enemity with A’mmar, ...

We find in Mustadrak Imam Hakim with Talkhees of Dhabi, 3/439, 5667, Published by Dar-ul-Kutb I’lmia, Beirut 5667 – حَدَّثَنَا أَبُو الْعَبَّاسِ مُحَمَّدُ بْنُ يَعْقُوبَ، ثَنَا إِبْرَاهِيمُ بْنُ مَرْزُوقٍ، ثَنَ [ ... ]

Sahabiat (Companionship)
Nasibi Deception about “Dajjal will be followed by Lovers of Uthman”

Nasibi website tried to respond to an article present on my Blog, and that can be read HERE Let us see how they tried to deceive readers This time They write SoA translated the narration as: When Dajjal would come out, he would be followed by lovers of Uthman, and if they had died before that, [ ... ]

Nasibies Refuted
Concept of Asma bin Abu Bakr about Muta’a

Ibn Hazm makes a Chapter in His book, al-Mohalla, 9/127, [مَسْأَلَةٌ نِكَاحُ الْمُتْعَةِ] Issue of Nikah-al-Muta’a And then writes in it وَقَدْ ثَبَتَ عَلَى تَحْلِيلِهَا بَعْدَ رَسُولِ اللَّهِ – صَلَّى الل [ ... ]

Fiqh Issues

Taken from Purified HouseHold Website If one, while expecting a baby, has the intention to name the child Muhammad or Ali, the child will be a boy with the permission of Allah (swt):

General: Hadith
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