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Nasibi Deception about “Some of the Sahaba would look at a Beautiful Woman ...

Just saw on a Nasibi website that they tried to respond to an article I had written, which can be read HERE Of course, This Narration has been authenticated by Sheikh Albany, and He included that Very Narration in Silsila Ahadeeth al-Saheehiyya, 5/608, Narration 2472. Nasibi website wrote It sh [ ... ]

Nasibies Refuted
Nasibi Deception About Jealousy of Khalid bin Walid for Imam Ali

Nasibi website tried to target a Narration present in My Blog, and that can be found HERE Before I talk about what They wrote, Let me clarify that If you Read the Article they are trying to Refute, I have given Authentications for Two Main Narrations From Scholars of AhluSunnah. The first of these  [ ... ]

Nasibies Refuted
Nasibi Deception about Two Sahaba not narrating Hadeeth for fear of Loss

I had written an article some time back, and it titled “Two Sahaba won’t Narrate a Hadeeth for Fear of Worldly Loss.” Of course, Nawasib would never like it. And they tried to refute it. I have no issues if someone is trying to refute an article or reference. But One should not deceive. Whe [ ... ]

Nasibies Refuted
Nasibi Deception about article on Mola Ali and creation

I saw on a Nasibi website that they tried to respond to an article present on my blog, which can be found HERE And in this article, they tried to deceive their followers, as it their habit. First, they tried to portray as if this article was written by Me. They wrote The following is a response [ ... ]

Nasibies Refuted
Nasibi Deception about “Holy Prophet was afraid of Umar”

Nasibi site tried to criticize article written by article, which I had translated. Article can be read HERE Now, Let us see what They have written The term used in Arabic in this narration was haiba, which is a higher form of respect. Ancient dictionaries of the language like Al-A [ ... ]

Nasibies Refuted
Nasibi Deception about “Prophet forbade Mutah on the Day of Khaybar?”

Nawasib responded to one of my articles, where in I had mentioned that Narration present in Shia books about Prophet (asws) prohibiting Muta’a on Day of Khaybar is weak. My Article can be read HERE Now, I am absolutely speechless as to what are these guys upto? They had replied to One of my post [ ... ]

Nasibies Refuted
Additions/Tehreef in Musnad Imam Ahmad?

Read this post in URDU Let me share research of Two Scholars of Ahlu Sunnah, Molvi Zafar Iqbal, and Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi Now Urdu translator of Musnad Ahmad, Molvi Zafar Iqbal, writes in Preface of the book, 1/16 So Imam Ahmad’s son, Abdullah, who was His Heir and himself a Great Scholar of Had [ ... ]

Sunni Ulama/Sunni Books
Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal explaining the Verse of Quran which speaks of Allah C...

Salafis take the words of Quran in literal meaning, especially which speak of Allah having body part, or moving. Let us see Imam Ahmad explaining the verse 22 of Surat Fajr, which Speaks of Allah coming Ibn Katheer writes in al-Bidaya,10/361    وروى البيهقي عن الحاكم عن  [ ... ]

Bibi Fatima spent last 6 months in Agony & Pain: Sunni Scholar

Pakistani Scholar, Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi, says in His book, Muhazirat Hadeeth, p. 284-285   Bibi Fatima died within 6 months of Death of Holy Prophet (asws). And all people know about agony and pain in which She spent this time. The poetry which she would recite on and off, one of it was صبت  [ ... ]

Fatima al-Zahra (as)
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